Privacy Policy:
Knordic is dedicated to making sure your information is protected.

· Your email & passwords are stored in the strongest encryption available.
· Your credit card is not stored on our servers. Only the last 4 digits are stored for reference.
· Your lists & enhanced profile data are only shared with you & your team (if available).

What information we collect?
When you create an account on Knordic, we ask for data related to your account. Your email, name, phone, credit card information and possibly other data related to our service.

How is this data stored?
This data is stored on our servers in a database protected by multiple layers of encryption.

Why we collect this information?
To ensure our service is valuable and relevant to our clients like you.

Do we sell your information?
No we do not sell our clients information. We are a service to help you build lists and unlock contact information for sales, fundraising, recruiting purposes & more.

How do I contact Knordic?
Email [email protected] with any questions.